Signature Salts 10ml Nicsalt E-Liquid - Blueberry Flavour


Signature Blueberry E Liquid is a super classy juice with blueberry flavour. The blueberry flavour takes your vaping charm to the skies. It delivers sweetness in each puff; thus, you will never feel bored even till your last puff. This flavour makes you feel like chewing a super pulpy fresh blueberry blend that delivers all the richness of a fruity touch. It is a 10ml bottle of e-liquid that contains a 20mg Nic Salt concentration. 

You can easily add it to the tanks of all refillable pots and starter kits. The e-juice contains an equal 50/50 percentage of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. Thus, you will enjoy an excellent consistency of e-liquid that will provide you with super cloudy clouds. Therefore, as it is a TPD compliant, you don’t need to worry about UK Law because you are doing nothing illegal. 

Signature E-Liquid also cares about the little ones living around us. So, don’t worry about their safety because Signature has designed the bottle the way it will not be opened by the children. So, you don’t need to be stressed if you left the home while the bottle was on the bed. Its child-proof packaging will not let your baby open the cap.

They know you would mind if the product is opened before coming to your hands. Thus the product is sealed with the taper seal; hence, you can be aware of such situations. This is why it is one of the best e liquid in the UK. So, make your vaping experience super exciting with Blueberry E-Liquid flavour and be a part of our family.  

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