Benefits of Vaping

Everyone today now that smoking is injurious to health because it damages the lungs causing a number of diseases in the body research data to show that a number of people die due to their smoking habits which can be prevented. So today every person who smokes cigarettes wants to quit smoking but wants a good alternative that vaping provides them.

There are a number of benefits vaping provides to people who are moving from smoking to vaping

  1. Vaping - Vaping is 95% better for the person's health and it also helps the person to quit smoking most E-liquid available in the market contains fewer amount of chemicals as compared to conventional cigarettes. Another added benefit of vaping is that chemicals do not stay in the body for long and person’s body vitals improved within a short period.
  2. Buying vaping kits as well as E-liquids costs less when compared to the cost of cigarettes that is a reason more and more people are quitting cigarettes and switching to vaping is because it costs them less. The cost of vaping for a person who vapes heavily for a year is still very less as compared to smoking.
  3. E-cigarettes which are popularly used today are helping people to first reduce and then quit the habit of smoking tobacco. Vaping is highly effective in helping smoker to quit smoking and fulfill their nicotine cravings by using vape kits as well as liquids.
  4. Vaping does not have the risk that smoking gives not only to the smoker but also to the people sitting with him or her for the smoke tobacco contains more than 5000 harmful chemicals. Studies have shown that vaping is safe because the effects of vaping on people sitting around are negligible.
  5. Vapors exhaled by E-cigarettes vanish in a few seconds even in a closed room with poor ventilation whereas data shows smoke of cigarettes remains in the atmosphere for a considerable time. Another advantage of E-liquids is that they have pleasant flavors as compared to tobacco.
  6. Today there is a number of flavors available in E-liquids that provide a good vaping experience to the person which means there is always a wide choice.


Out of a number of flavors in E-liquid is Nicohit purple lush E-Liquid which has the flavor of strong black currant along with honey as well as methanol which provides a satisfying vaping experience. It is available in many quantities like 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg in a 50-50 PG/VG ratio.

People who are searching for the best Nicohit flavors online should choose a reliable vape store to buy Nicohit E-liquid online. People choose Nicohit E-liquid for vaping because there are 34 flavors available like purple, grape and soda which is a blend of tangy black grapes, another popular flavor is purple lush having a strong black currant flavor blended with honey and methanol.

When we compare vaping with smoking vaping is easier to reduce for the person can gradually reduce the daily nicotine intake which is not possible with tobacco cigarettes that means one can satisfy the nicotine craving and also reduce the nicotine strength every day.