Growing Trend of Vape and Vape Juices

Vaping is not a new trend people have been vaping in the past too for enjoyment but today it is preferred as a cigarette substitute, first, the smokeless non-tobacco cigarette was invented in 1963 but it did not become very popular. It was in 1980 that computer engineer Phil Ray coined the term vape. But it was in 2003 when a pharmacist from China Honlik developed the first vape-like device that produced vapers-like cigarettes with the help of a small battery.

It was the year 2010 when vaping popularity grew manifold as people wanted to quit cigarettes to move to electronic cigarettes for enjoying more clouds and more flavors. After heavy bulky vape boxes, portable vape mods came to market in 2015 which could be filled with E-juice flavors for a better experience.

Vape juice is known by the name E-liquid, E-juice or vape juice contains four components vegetable glycerin, propylene, nicotine and flavoring. Vape juices with higher nicotine content provide good throat hits so offer a smoking cigarette-like experience. Normally people who are new to vaping or switching to vaping use a 70-30 PG/VG ratio gives a feeling of smoking without the generation of big clouds.

Though many people also prefer an 80-20 PG/VG ratio or even a 50-50 PG/VG ratio it all depends upon personal preference for vapor. Smoknic is the best Yorkshire-based company distributing its electronic cigarettes as well as vape juices in the UK, Europe as well as south Asia.

E-cigarettes of Smoknic are a new trend among vapors because it is clean as well as a safe alternative to smoking. The company offers a wide variety of E-liquids the most popular are tobacco drink flavors, fruit, and mint. One can buy Smoknic E-liquid online by browsing website of reliable vape stores and for variety, one can prefer Smoknic E-liquid 10ml in the UK available in good flavors.

Smoknic is offering premium alternatives to smoking cigarettes as E-cigarettes as well as vape juices that is a much safer and healthier option. Most of the company's E-juices are sourced from plant-based liquid solutions and the highest manufacturing standards are adhered to by using the best quality ingredients to deliver quality products in the market.

E-cigarettes along with vape juices are not only popular in the UK but also around the world in many countries as a means to stop smoking as they cause less harm as compared to conventional cigarettes. These E-cigs do not use tobacco they work by heating E-liquid that is much safer to use.

Research data show a large number of people in the UK who were addicted to smoking cigarettes have successfully moved to E-cigarettes which has helped them manage their craving for nicotine.

If you are new to vaping there are many types of E-cigarette devices available, rechargeable as well as disposable and to get the best product one must buy these products from trustworthy vape shops. These vape shops also give good advice on models of e-cigarettes and E-liquids and how to choose the right one depending on the vaping experience of the person.