2x Fizzy Shortfill 50ml Eliquid Choose Flavour


Orange – Fizzy Orange by Mohawk & Co is a blend of fresh oranges paired with their signature fizzy sensation. This flavour is a soda blend emulating the popular Fanta Orange soda. This product is a low mint vape

Kola – Fizzy Kola by Mohawk & Co is a straight up Coke flavor emulating Coca Cola, this flavor is perfect for people who love sodas or coke

Pineapple – Looking for a great taste of pineapple? You come to the right place! Simply the best authentic pineapple flavor. Tropical fruits flavors are our specialty

Strawberry – Fizzy Strawberry is a blend of fresh yet ripe strawberries paired with it’s signature fizzy feeling it brings. If you’re a strawberry e-juice lover, this is for you

Honeydew – Fizzy Honeydew by Mohawk & Co is a refreshing yet perfectly ripened honeydew blend. This flavor is a no frills honeydew e-juice

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