Cherry ELFBAR 600 Disposable Vape


This richly sweet cherry-flavoured disposable Elf Bar 600 is perfect for those looking to indulge in luscious cherry goodness. With the added bonus of being able to select between 20mg or 0mg of a Nicotine Salt Formulation, allowing you to enjoy a smooth tasty draw with or without Nicotine. What’s not to love about this flavoursome disposable Elf Bar? 

This sumptuously rich vape bar is a great way to get your mouth-watering and your taste buds flowing. With every draw your Cherry flavoured, disposable vape will deliver a sumptuously smooth rich flavour and aroma of freshly picked rich, plump and juicy cherries.  


Prefilled with 2ml of E-Liquid
550mAh battery
Nicotine Salt Formulation 0mg
LED Puff Indicator

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