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Signature Salts 10ml Nicsalt - Blackjack Flavour

Signature Salts 10ml Nicsalt - Blackjack Flavour

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Signature Blackjack E-liquid (10ml 20mg Nicotine Salt) is top-notch and highly demanded e-juice among the group of vapers. You can avail super classy ratio of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, i.e., 50/50; Thus, you get a balanced  consistency and flavour. Aniseed flavour is dominantly a sweet flavour with a freshness of its super nice chunky notes. You will surely love to inhale it if you like a touch of Aniseed in the meal. It makes you feel super refreshing and allows you to enjoy each puff with all the richness of Aniseeds. 

In this Signature E liquid bottle you’ll get 10ml of e-juice that contains 20mg Nicotine Salt. Thus, you can enjoy your loved concentration by adding it to the tank of your device. It will help you enjoy the fine quality of Nic Salt after the filtration of millions of harmful chemicals present in traditional cigarettes. It is pretty convenient for refilling the e-liquid tanks of pods and kits.

In addition, It is TPD compliant; thus, you can be relaxed knowing that you are not doing anything wrong or illegal by using it. Signature Blackjack E Liquid is completely manufactured and packed in the UK. Thus it makes sure that all the legal guidelines of the Tobacco Products Directive(TPD) have been followed. 

The thing that makes the signature top in E-Liquid Brands Is the child-proof design that makes it super safe from the attack of your little one. So, those small teeth and hands can’t open the bottle, so don’t panic if your little one suddenly picks up the bottle. Its tamper seal does not allow any irrelevant identity to use the product before you do. Thus, you can be pretty sure that no one had used the bottle before you opened it. 

Specifications :


  • Flavour Profile: Aniseed
  • E-liquid: 10ml e-juice 
  • Nic Salts Strength: 20mg 
  • VG/PG Ratio: 50%
  • Ideal for starter kits & pods
  • Made in the UK
  • Childproof bottle design
  • Tamper seal


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